A next generation online platform to buy, sell or store precious commodities.

Digital Bullion is your trusted one-stop bullion service provider. We offer a wide array of precious metal products from tax-free bullion to collectibles. We provide secure storage solutions for your precious metals and a one-stop trading platform where you can buy, sell and store your precious metals at your convenience.

Digital Bullion is headquartered in Singapore, one of the world's safest jurisdictions for precious metal trading and storage. The strong government support, reflected in policies such as the absence of Goods and Service Tax on investment precious metals since 2012 and strong infrastructure, makes her an attractive place as a precious metals trading hub.

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Investors can easily buy, sell, store or have their gold delivered at their convenience through the Digital Bullion Platform. Digital Bullion provides a very competitive gold pricing as compared to the market with the denomination as low as 1gram.

Safe Storage

All investors and Digital Bullion Gold are kept in our ISO 9001 Certified Vault with 24/7 surveillance and armed auxillary polices running security operations making sure the precious metals are stored under the safest condition.


Precious metals stored in our storage vault are protected under a very comprehensive insurance including theft and even inside jobs.


All gold must and are D.U.X. Tested before being allowed to be stored into our secured vault and is guaranteed of its genuineness.

Digital Bullion is a Singapore registered company with a one-stop vault storage solution. Customers can buy, store, sell or request physical withdrawal of their bullion through My Digital Bullion Storage® online 24/7. All bullion, cash and property stored with or entrusted to Digital Bullion is insured for all risks at full replacement value by our insurance underwriter.