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Gold Reserve: 136,290.00g

Gold available for sale: 18,517.76g

(as of Sunday, February 24, 2019)


Investors can easily buy, sell, store or have their gold delivered at their convenience through the Digital Bullion Platform. Digital Bullion provides a very competitive gold pricing as compared to the market with the denomination as low as 1gram.

Safe Storage

All investors and Digital Bullion Gold are kept in our ISO 9001 Certified Vault with 24/7 surveillance and armed auxillary polices running security operations making sure the precious metals are stored under the safest condition.


Precious metals stored in our storage vault are protected under a very comprehensive insurance including theft and even inside jobs.


All gold must and are D.U.X. Tested before being allowed to be stored into our secured vault and is guaranteed of its genuineness.

Our Products

The PAMP gold bar is a 99.99% purity gold bar minted in Switzerland. PAMP, based in the Swiss Canton of Ticino, is one of the world's best known and prestigious gold refineries. PAMP is an abbreviation for the French "Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux".

1gram DB Save Up Program [DSUP]

SGD 58.80

100gram PAMP Gold minted bar

SGD 5,880.00

1kg Argor-Heraeus Cast Bar

SGD 57,877.00


The DB-Rewards Program for the privileged. Celebrating our inauguration, Digital Bullion welcomes our first 500 Members with gold-physically!

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At Digital Bullion, we do our best to offer the most comprehensive rates.

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